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The official site of FExplorer for Series 60 phones.
By Dominique HUGO

New clock screen saver

This Screen Saver is the first and a real screen saver installed in the themes like the built-in text and date & time, no need to have a separate application except to configure it !

(for Symbian OS 7.0s based phones)

List of the available types included user's skins

Built-in analog clock:

Built-in digital clock:

User drawable screensaver with frames:

User drawable clock screensaver:

Configuration panel:

download :

XXL Screen Saver 1.09 - English version      

version : november 20th, 2005.

 Don't forget to restart the phone AFTER installation !!

Installation & use procedure can be downloaded here

Update installation procedure :

* install the sis file like usual in the same media of the first version

* restart the phone and wait ...

First installation procedure :

* install the sis file like usual

* go to the 'theme' section

* edit the current theme

* go to the screen saver section

* select the 'GoSymbian.com' screen saver

* select the XXLConfig app

* select the clock you want; after the phone will restart


* wait and enjoy the new clock !

PS: it's not yet perfect but I'll try to constantly enhance it, therefore stay tuned on this site ....




* Version 1.09 with configuration panel and user definable skins is released !!