The official site of FExplorer for Series 60 phones.
By Dominique HUGO

Contact ( replace the 'AT' with '@' ) :

Dominique HUGO :   d.hugo AT gosymbian.com


(no answer will be given if a point is not respected ... I'm really sorry for that but I receive too many emails per day ...)

1) I will only reply to emails if they are in ENGLISH and if THEY CONCERN FExplorer or the XXLScreenSaver themselves  (no more answer about the installation of a .sis file, the location of the mms, the mmc cards, logos, copy or transfer of the sms, purpose of directories, getting free space, deleting files, ...).

2) don't request a version into Greek, Russian, Chinese, Arabic,  .... for the moment I'm not able to handle characters sets coded on 2 bytes, I can only use regular ASCII, sorry for this !.

3) please, don't send e-mails to me regarding bugs or requested features in beta versions !! use the forum for that (and check if your request is not yet there), I always open a section whenever a beta version is available.3) no more dates will be communicated by e-mail regarding the release of new versions, only this site will inform about new versions.

4) FExplorer is available as beta for the Symbian 3rd edition (like the Nokia N73, N80, N93...) here, but you need to sign it yourself with the explained procedure - nokia has refused to sign the application !!! DON'T SEND ME AN EMAIL REGARDING THE PROCEDURE OF THE SIGNATURE, DUE TO THE LACK OF TIME, I CAN'T HELP EVERYONE - SORRY !!!!!.

5) FExplorer & the XXLScreenSaver are freeware BUT they are not open source projects ! no source of stuff of code is available.

6) I don't work for some brand company (nokia, siemens, ...) therefore, don't ask me something like how to reformat a phone, how to configure the GPRS or the MMS, .... contact your nearest local dealer for these specific questions

7) if you want to start developping applications for Symbian, please visit : www.forum.nokia.com where you will find all necessary infos and SDK.

8) don't forget to check the tips & tricks section too.

9) if you want to report a bug, visit the 'known bugs' section from the main page to see if it's not yet reported.

10) this site is only in English, don't request for another language, this is too hard to maintain and request to many time.

11) I work only on Symbian Series 60 in C++, don't ask me questions about Java, Series 40, my applications don't work on S40 which is not a Symbian based OS ....

Sorry in advance if some points can cause some inconvenience...,
Dominique HUGO