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The official site of FExplorer for Series 60 phones.
By Dominique HUGO


These codes have been tested on a Nokia 6600

*#06# - Get the Serial Number/IMEI.
structure of the IMEI : XXXXXX XX XXXXXX X
· TAC = Type approval code
· FAC = Final assembly code
· SNR = Serial number
· SP = Spare

*#0000# - Get the SW version (e.g. V 5.27.0 / 28-06-04 / NHL-10 )

*#2820# - Get the Bluetooth (BT) device address
xx# - Quick contact access (xx = location number, e.g. : 17#)

*#62209526# - Get the MAC address of the WLAN adapter, this information is only available on the new models (S60 3rd edition) which have WLAN.

When switching the phone on with the "ABC" key (pen) pressed, no application is started, it's a "safeboot".

WARNING : here is the list of some dangerous codes; use them with care, I'm not responsible for any damage ...

*#7370925538# (*#Res0Wallet#) - Deletes the code for the "wallet" and erase all the content of the "wallet"

*#7780# - Reset to the original settings; some informations are also deleted and need to be re-entered.

*#7370# - Soft format - this will resets all the phone memory (like re-format a disk); make sure to have full battery charged !

[Green]+[def3]+[*+] during a power on performs a hard format : this will return the phone like you have received; make sure to have full battery charged !

*#92702689# (WAR0ANTY) enters into the warranty menu - this code doesn't work with all series 60 phone -.