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The official site of FExplorer for Series 60 phones.
By Dominique HUGO


Download FExplorer BETA :

This version runs only on S60 3rd edition, it's compiled with AllFiles (you need a DevCert to sign it) & it's only available in english.

  • FExplorer 1.18 BETA - English  

    !!!!!! VERSION COMPILED WITH AllFiles !!!!!!

    version :
    October 7th, 2008

    expiration date : Never expired.

    UID used : 0xA00012DF , if you need another, let me know ....

    click here to follow the evolution of these versions

    READ THIS !!! IMPORTANT : this is an un-signed version of FExplorer for the Series 60 phones based on the 3rd edition devices. Due to Platform Security restrictions, you need to sign this sis file with a proper certificate (DevCert, etc) to be able to install it and run it (otherwise, you'll get a security error message and the program won't run).
    If you have no idea about this process, please don't ask me for instructions. Due to lack of time, a proper Symbian Signed version might take some time to be released.
    Nota : some functions are not yet working, I'm working hardly on them and some other will never been implemented (due to security restrictions) .... be patient please, I apologize for this inconvenience.

    click here to learn how to sign the version